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Coordination: Bernd Hayo • Philipps University Marburg
School of Business and Economics • Universitätsstraße 24, D-35032 Marburg
Tel. +49-6421-2823091, Fax: +49-6421-2823088
e-mail: hayo(at)wiwi.uni-marburg.de

Contact: Florian Neumeier
Tel. +49-6421-2823090

e-mail: florian.neumeier(at)wiwi.uni-marburg.de


2015 Papers

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2008 Papers

Christian Schubert
Green nudges: Do they work? Are they ethical?

Seo-Young Cho
A crime 2.0 - cybercrime, e-talent, and institutions

Jochen Lüdering and Peter Winker
Forward or backward looking? The economic discourse and the observed reality

Matthias Greiff, Kurt A. Ackermann and Ryan O. Murphy
The influences of social context on the measurement of distributional preferences

Matthias Greiff and Henrik Egbert
A survey of the empirical evidence on PWYW pricing

Jochen Michaelis and Benjamin Schwanebeck
Examination rules and student effort

Stephan B. Bruns
The fragility of meta-regression models in observational research

Reinhold Kosfeld and Christian Dreger
Local and spatial cointegration in the wage curve - a spatial panel analysis for German regions

Severin Frank and Wolfgang Kerber
Patent settlements in the pharmaceutical industry: What can we learn from economic analysis

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