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Coordination: Bernd Hayo • Philipps University Marburg
Department of Business Administration and Economics • Universitätsstraße 24, D-35032 Marburg
Tel. +49-6421-2823091, Fax: +49-6421-2823088
e-mail: hayo(at)wiwi.uni-marburg.de

Contact: Britta Niehof
Tel. +49-6421-2823719

e-mail: britta.niehof(at)wiwi.uni-marburg.de

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Johannes Paha
Lower Sanctions, Greater Antitrust Compliance? Cartel Conduct with Imperfect Information about Enforcement Risk

Mohammad Reza Farzanegan and Stefan Witthuhn
Demographic transition and political stability: Does corruption matter?

Britta Niehof
Spillover Effects in Government Bond Spreads: Evidence from a GVAR Model

57-2014 Bernd Hayo and Florian Neumeier Public Preferences for Government Spending Priorities: Survey Evidence from Germany
56-2014 Volker Robeck Professional Cycling and the Fight against Doping  
55-2014 Bernd Hayo and Britta Niehof Monetary and Fiscal Policy in Times of Crises: A New Keynesian Perspective in Continuous Time  
54-2014 Christoph Bühren and Marco Pleßner Rating Agencies - An Expiremental Analsis of their Remuneration Model  
Joachim Schleich, Claudia Schwirplies and Andreas Ziegler Private Provision of Public Goods: Do Individual Climate Protection Efforts Depend on Perceptions of Climate Policy?  
52-2014 Seo-Young Cho International Marriage for Homogeneity? - Evidence from Marriage Migration in South Korea  
51-2014 Nadege Miclanche Azebaze, Thomas Falk and Evelyn Korn Land Allocation in Subsistence Economies and Intra-Familial Time-Use Decisions  
50-2014  Benjamin R. Kern , Ralf Dewenter  and Wolfgang Kerber Empirical Analysis of the Assessment of Innovation Effects in U.S. Merger Cases  
49-2014 Wolfgang Kerber Soft Paternalismus und Verbraucherpolitik  
48-2014 Tim Brühn, Georg Götz and Annette Meinusch The Value of User-Specific Information for Two-Sided Matchmakers  
47-2014 Andreas Lange, Claudia Schwirplies, Andreas Ziegler On the Interrelation between Carbon Offsetting and other Voluntary Climate Protection Activities: Theory and Empirical Evidencey  
46-2014 Matthias Uhl State Fiscal Policies and Regional Economic Activity  
45-2014 Lars Siemers A General Microsimulation Model for the EU VAT with a specific Application to Germany International Journal of Microsimulation, Volume 7(2) 
44-2014 Jochen Michaelis and Jakob Palek Optimal Monetary Policy in a Currency Union: Implications of a Country-specific Cost Channel  
43-2014 Alexandru Mandes Order Placement in a Continuous Double Auction Agent Based Model  
42-2014 Matthias Hoffmann, Michael Krause and Peter Tillmann International Capital Flows, External Assets and Output Volatility  
41-2014 Bernd Hayo and Florian Neumeier The Debt Brake in the Eyes of the German Population  
40-2014 Duncan Roth and John Moffat Cohort size and youth unemployment in Europe: a regional analysis  
39-2014 Sebastian Schäfer and Lisa Schulten A Capacity Market for Electricity Sectors with Promotion of Renewable Energy  
38-2014 Bernd Hayo and Matthias Uhl  Taxation and Labour Supply: Evidence from a Representative Population Survey   
37-2014 Reinhold Kosfeld and Mirko Titze Benchmark Value Added Chains and Regional Clusters in German R&D Intensive Industries  
36-2014 Ramin Dadasov, Carsten Hefeker and Oliver Lorz Natural Resource Production, Corruption and Expropriation  
35-2014 Tolga Ülkü, Vahidin Jeleskovic, Jürgen Müller How scale and institutional setting explain the costs of small airports? -An application of spatial regression analysis  
34-2014 Hanna Krings Environmental Aspects of Resource Extraction Contracts  
33-2014 Sebastian Bredl, Ingo Liefner, Christian Teichert and Peter Winker Effekte der Hochschulen am Standort Gießen aus regionalökonomischer Sicht  
32-2014 Stephan Müller and Georg von Wangenheim The Impact of Market Innovations on the Evolution of Norms: The Sustainability Case  
31-2014 Korbinian von Blanckenburg Führt Google-Shopping zu einer neuen Art von Wettbewerbsproblemen?  
30-2014 Benjamin Käfer The Taylor Rule and Financial Stability: A Literature Review with Application to the Eurozone Review of Economics, forthcoming
29-2014 Hannes Rusch A Threshold for Biological Altruism in Public Goods Games Played in Groups Including Kin  
28-2014 Jing Dai, Martin Kesternich, Andreas Löschel and Andreas Ziegler Do Chinese Individuals Believe in Global Climate Change and why? An Econometric Analysis  
27-2014 Mohammad Reza Farzanegan and Mozhgan Raeisian Parvari Iranian-Oil-Free Zone and International Oil Prices Energy Economics, Volume 45 
26-2014 Annette Meinusch and Peter Tillmann The Macroeconomic Impact of Unconventional Monetary Policy Shocks  
25-2014 Mohammad Reza Farzanegan and Mohammad Habibpour Direct Distribution of Rents and the Resource Curse in Iran: A Micro-econometric Analysis  
24-2014 Matthias Neuenkirch and Florian Neumeier The Impact of UN and US Economic Sanctions on GDP Growth  
23-2014 Bernd Hayo and Matthias Neuenkirch Self‐Monitoring or Reliance on Newswire Services: How Do Financial Market Participants Process Central Bank News?  
22-2014 Wolfgang Kerber and Julia Wendel Regulation of Network Sectors in the EU: A Federalist Perspective Wirtschaftspolitische Blätter 1/2014 
21-2014 Bernd Hayo and Britta Niehof Analysis of Monetary Policy Responses After Financial Market Crises in a Continuous Time New Keynesian Model  
20-2014 Bernd Hayo and Matthias Uhl Taxation and Consumption: Evidence from a Representative Survey of the German Population  
19-2014 Kjetil Bjorvatn and Mohammad Reza Farzanegan Resource Rents, Power, and Political Stability  
18-2014 Marco de Pinto and Jochen Michaelis The Labor Market Effects of Trade Unions: Layard meets Melitz International Economics and Economic Policy, forthcoming 
17-2014 Benjamin René Kern and Juan Manuel Mantilla Contreras Mergers and the Incentives to Undertake Product Innovation Oriented R&D: First Steps Towards an Assessment Approach  
16-2014 Susanne Väth and Michael Kirk Do Property Rights and Contract Farming Matter for Rural Development? Evidence from a Large-Scale Investment in Ghana  
15-2014 Susanne Väth and Simone Gobien and Michael Kirk Life Satisfaction, Contract Farming and Property Rights: Evidence from Ghana  
14-2014 Frédéric Blaeschke What Drives Small Municipalities to Cooperate? Evidence from Hessian Municipalities  
13-2014 Marcel Förster An Empirical Analysis of Business Cycles in a New Keynesian Model with Inventories  
12-2014 Bernd Hayo, Florian Neumeier and Matthias Uhl Topics in Fiscal Policy: Evidence from a Representative Survey of the German Population  
11-2014 Seo-Young Cho Measuring Anti-trafficking Policy- Integrating Text and Statistical Analysis  
10-2014 Joachim Schleich, Elisabeth Dütschke, Claudia Schwirplies and Andreas Ziegler Citizens’ Perceptions of Justice in International Climate Policy – An Empirical Analysis  
09-2014 Sebastian Schäfer Effective Promotion of Renewable Energy in the Presence of an Emission Trading System  
08-2014 Benjamin Kern  Innovation Markets, Future Markets, or Potential Competition: How Should Competition Authorities Account for Innovation Competition in Merger Reviews? World Competition Law and Economics Review, forthcoming 
07-2014 Andreas Hildenbrand and Rainer Kühl   Warum der Sieg von Ritter Sport über Stiftung Warentest ein Pyrrhussieg ist   
06-2014 Mohammad Reza Farzanegan  Can Oil-Rich Countries Encourage Entrepreneurship? 'Yes', 'No' but not 'Perhaps'  Entrepreneurship & Regional Development, find article here
05-2014 Benjamin Kern and Malte Ackermann  Shedding Some Light on the Dark Matter of Competition     
04-2014 Bernd Hayo and Matthias Neuenkirch  Central Bank Communication in the Financial Crisis: Evidence from a Survey of Financial Market Participants  
03-2014 Sajid Faraji Dizaji and Mohammad Reza Farzanegan Political Institutions and Government Spending Behavior in Iran   
02-2014 Philipp Harms, Jaewon Jung, and Oliver Lorz Offshoring and Sequential Production Chains: A General-Equilibrium Analysis   
01-2014 Mohammad Reza Farzanegan and Hassan Gholipour Fereidoun  Marriage Crisis and Housing Costs: Empirical Evidence from Provinces in Iran  

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