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Bannergrafik (IUSP)

Arrival, Fall 2015

Arrival day is Monday, August 24, 2015

If you would like to arrive before the official arrival date, you must find alternative accommodation, for example the Youth Hostel, the Hostel, or a hotel in Marburg (recommendations provided on request). 


Arrival by plane, and train to Marburg


Once in Marburg

On arrival day, please wait at or come to Marburg's Hauptbahnhof. We will pick you up at the station.  Be on the lookout for someone bearing the IUSP sign.  If you do not see anyone right away, do not panic, and just wait for a moment.

Emergency telephone when dialing from within Germany:  0160 - 265.57.42.

Please arrive at the Hauptbahnhof in Marburg prior to 6 pm (18 hrs).

If you want to find us by yourself: Our registration office will be at (TBC!) the " Mensa", address: Erlenring 5, 35037 Marburg. The room we are in is called “Milchbar”.

The first days

Your stay will begin with a placement test for the German language course. We have organized an Orientation Program that will help you cut some red tape, such as filling in visa and city registration forms, activating your university email account, and simply finding your way around Marburg. A schedule for the first days in Marburg can soon be found unter "Downloads".

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