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Health Insurance

While attending the IUSP students need to have a valid health insurance policy. It is not provided by our program. It must be organised by the students themselves and should cover periods of travel before the program commences as well as the whole duration of the program. There are numerous providers both in the home country and in Germany.

Coverage should be unlimited, per occurrence for inpatient and outpatient treatments.

Please note that due to organizational reasons the insurance contracts have to be checked by a German health insurance company in order to figure out whether the coverage of the insurances is sufficient or not. For the student visa, there are no official numbers of the amount that has to be covered, but according to the German Social Security Code the health insurance for students applying for a visa has to be comparable with a German statutory health insurance.

In January/July all students will receive an email asking to send us a scan of their health insurance contract. We will forward it to the German health insurance company, and let students know whether the coverage is sufficient or not.

The contract/insurance letter has to state the following things:

•    Maximum Medical Benefit
•    Accidental Death/Dismemberment
•    Pre‐Existing Conditions
•    Deductible Amount
•    Medical Evacuation
•    Return of Mortal Remains


You can also think about joining the German public health insurance. This would not, however, cover the journey to Marburg. 


Students from PennState & students attending the IUSP through ISEP:

PennState: Please be so kind and ask your advisor (Scott Runner) to provide you with the insurance letter.

ISEP: ISEP will send us your insurance information. You will get a copy of the coverage letter, once you are here in Marburg.


Please ensure that you have adequate coverage. DO NOT COME TO MARBURG WITHOUT INSURANCE!


Luggage Insurance

We recommend that you insure your luggage before departing your home country.

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