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Things to bring

What to bring with you

  • Credit Card or ATM Card.  Be sure to notify the credit card company or bank that issued your card and ensure that your card can be used in Europe.
  • Enough cash to buy food and beverages for the first few days and to cover any miscellaneous additional expenses. Foreign currency CANNOT be exchanged at local banks in Marburg. This should be done in Frankfurt or at the airport etc..
  • An international phone card (optional)
  • Any medication you may need FOR THE FULL DURATION OF YOUR STAY. It will not necessarily be possible to obtain the identical medication here.
  • Towels
  • Alarm clock
  • Adapter for electrical devices
  • If you've still got room:  a plate, silverware, cup, bowl, kitchen towel and dishwashing sponge.  These items can, of course, also be purchased inexpensively in Marburg.

* Please bear in mind that US electrical appliances will not work in German electrical outlets.

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