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Class Descriptions, Fall 2012


Courses in German Culture and History and German language courses


Regular courses

The International Undergraduate Study Program (IUSP) takes courses from the university's regular course catalogue. These are lectures of two hours per week, mostly held in English.

Important: Each lecture, whether held in English or German, is being supported by tutorials in English with four hours per week, especially for IUSP students.

In the tutorials the students are working up the contents of the lecture, not only of the first eight weeks the IUSP participants are staying but also the contents of the second half of the German semester. In addition, the tutors work more deeply on the topic with the students and deepen their knowledge.

The IUSP students do presentations and written work on the topics according to the respective lecture and tutorial. Generally, marks are given for oral work (presentations, performance in class etc.; 60% of the mark) and written work (reports, bibliographies, homework, essays etc.; 40% of the mark).


We strongly recommend students with no or little knowledge of German (up to level A2.1) to choose classes held in English.


Subject Area: American Studies



Subject Area: Business Administration and Economics



Subject Area: Education



Subject Area: English Studies


Subject Area: Gender Studies



Subject Area: German Studies



Subject Area: History


Subject Area: Linguistics and Language Technologies



Subject Area: Media



Subject Area: Political Science



Subject Area: Peace and Conflict Studies


Subject Area: Psychology



Subject Area: Theology


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