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Bannergrafik (IUSP)


Program fee for one semester: € 5,350*.


The application process involves

  • an online registration,

where the following can (and must) be uploaded:

  • letter of motivation (appr. 100 words),
  • proof of English language competency (only if English is not native tongue)
  • the payment information for our registration deposit of € 500 (if applicable).


All relevant information on required documents and payment methods can be accessed through the Application Form.

*Special conditions for applicants from Marburg's partner institutions and from ISEP.





IUSP Fall Semester (September-December)

General application deadline (as long as spots are available): June 15
Deposit payment deadline: June 20
Full payment deadline: September 1

IUSP Spring Semester (February-June)

General application deadline (as long as spots are available): December 15 previous year
Deposit payment deadline: December 15
Full payment deadline: March 1


Notes on Payment

  • The registration deposit will be deducted from the fee upon your arrival in Marburg. A place will not be reserved for you until we have received your registration deposit. Please note the following carefully: We accept payment of the first installment (registration fee) by bank transfer and credit card. Payment of the second installment (remaining fees) can only be made by means of bank transfer. Students must check with their bank on how to handle this. All payments must be made in Euros (€). We do not accept checks of any kind.

  • Please note that students are required to assume all fees associated with such a transfer of funds. Any (small) fees remaining on a participant's account with IUSP as a result of uncovered transaction fees or currency conversion shifts are to be taken care of by means of cash payments on-site after arrival. Larger unpaid amounts would need to be covered via a bank wire.

  • The balance of your fees must be paid either prior to or - at the latest - upon your arrival in Marburg (bank transfer).

  • Please note: If for any reason you choose to cancel your IUSP registration, the registration fee is non-refundable.

  • See also: General Terms and Conditions of Business

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