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Philipps-Universität Alumni Service

Alte Universität und Schloss
Peter Müller
  We are glad that you want to keep in touch with your university.

Are you glad that you have graduated from Philipps-Universität Marburg and started on a new stage in your life? Or, do you treasure good memories of your student life in Marburg many years ago?

Or maybe you were once an exchange student in Marburg? Or done research here and taught for a few years?

As an alumnus or former faculty member or other employee of Philipps-Universität you will always be part of the university community – even after you have completed your studies, research or other work in Marburg. Regardless of how long ago you left Marburg and where you live now, the time you spent at Philipps-Universität Marburg has formed a life-long connection to your alma mater. Indeed, a living university ultimately consists of all the people who took part in it.

We at Philipps-Universität have decided to build up and intensify contact with our alumni and develop activities especially for former students and employees.

Therefore, we are happy to receive ideas, helpful suggestions and feedback from you.

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Marburger UniJournal

The Marburger UniJournal, which is published three times a year, reports on the latest developments at Philipps-Universität. It provides an insight into scientific projects and results, gives background information on university policies and informs about campus life. It is published by Marburger Universitätsbund and the president of Philipps-Universität.

Here you can read the current issue and subscribe.

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