Contractual Political Ideas in the Timurid Period

Vortrag von Evrim Binbaş im Rahmen der Vortragsreihe "The Early Modern Middle East" im Sommersemester 2018


21. Juni 2018 18:00 – 21. Juni 2018 20:00

CNMS, Deutschhausstr. 12, Hörsaal 00A26

In recent years ample attention has been paid to the rise and development of absolutist political ideas in the fifteenth century. These studies have demonstrated that various forms of eschatological, ‘Alid-loyalist, or Messianic ideas were articulated in order to formulate novel forms of political ideas. However, reactions to these nascent early modern Islamic absolutist ideas in the Timurid Empire remain to be an understudied genre. One such text, Jalāl al-Dīn Qāyinī’s Naṣā’iḥ-i Shāhrukhī, was written between 813-820/1411-1417 for Shāhrukh in Herat during the heat of the first Timurid Civil War between 1405 and 1418. In my paper, I will provide a summary of the main political ideas expressed in the Naṣā’iḥ-i Shāhrukhī and contextualize them in relation to the Timurid political ideas in the first half of the fifteenth century.


Evrim Binbaş, Bonn