Deprovincializing ‘Security at the Margins’

Lecture within the series "Marburg AnthroLab" organized by the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology. The series offers a venue for sharing information about current projects, field experiences, and research findings with colleagues, students, and the general public and is designed to be a laboratory for the exchange of creative, innovative, but also critical ideas and a space for lively discussions.


08. Juli 2021 18:15 – 08. Juli 2021 19:45

TBA on uni-marburg.de/de/fb03/ksa

Drawing on my ethnographic fieldwork among a variety of non-state practitioners of security in South Africa, I suggest that one needs to probe critically into the question of whether, and if so, in which specific ways, the enactments of security by marginalized populations actually differ from those pursued by more powerful sections of society. The paper thus explores the differences, commonalities and intersections between the security practices of actors from different walks of life, arguing that they are notably different in terms of scale and impact yet are nonetheless predicated on similar fundamental premises and give rise to similar predicaments to the detriment of those targeted by the respective security practices.


Prof. Dr. Thomas G. Kirsch
Chair of Social and Cultural Anthropology
University of Konstanz


Philipps-Universität Marburg
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