“Energy in the Box” – The Physical Chemistry of High-Performance Batteries

Gemeinsames Kolloquium des Fachbereichs Physik und des SFB 1083


07. Juni 2023 15:30 – 07. Juni 2023 16:30
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Fachbereich Physik, Renthof 5, Großer Hörsaal

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Electrochemical energy storage is a key technology in our “mobile society”, and is also expected to contribute to the future energy grid. Lithium ion batteries have evolved during the last 30 years as leading battery cell concept, and their further development drives world-wide research activities. In parallel and in view of the ever-increasing demand for the total storage capacity that amounts to hundreds or thousands of GWh, alternative electrochemical storage concepts based on compounds with virtually unlimited resources are also increasingly investigated. This lecture will therefore first focus on the (electro)chemical ingredients of state-of-the-art lithium ion batteries and their further evolution as reference for any alternative approach. Secondly, the lecture will try to consider electrochemical energy storage through the eyes of a physicochemist who knows well the different views of physicists and chemists.


Jürgen Janek, Universität Gießen


Fachbereich Physik und SFB 1083