Publishing in Nature Physics

Gemeinsames Kolloquium des Fachbereichs Physik und des SFB 1083


21. Juni 2023 15:30 – 21. Juni 2023 16:30

Fachbereich Physik, Renthof 5, Großer Hörsaal

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After a brief introduction to Springer Nature and the Nature Portfolio — the brand behind the ‘Nature journals’ — I will provide an overview of the inner workings of a Nature research journal, with Nature Physics as an example. I will focus on the editorial process at a Nature research journal, explain the roles of editors and discuss editorial criteria for publication. Along the way, I will give some advice on how to present research. I will reflect on the value Nature Physics aims to bring to the physics community, as well as on the ever-evolving role of scientific publishers and, particularly, on the ongoing transition to fully open access publishing.


Bart Verberck, Editor at Nature Physics


Fachbereich Physik und SFB 1083