LOEWE Schwerpunkt TREE-M | Mechanisms of resilience and environmental impact of the tree leaf microbiome

Lars Opgenoorth, Christian Lampei, Mona Schreiber, Susanne Walden in collaboration with Maaike Bader

In the interdisciplinary research cluster Tree-M, we have joined forces with collegues from the fields of microbiology, biochemistry, geography, and bioinformatics to investigate the interaction of the microbiome with our tree model the Quercus robur clone DF159. The research activities bridge scales from individual bacterial cells (molecular mechanisms of bacterial enzymes, metabolic activities, and their regulation) to microbial communities (interactions within the leaf microbiome and with the abiotic environment) and cross-kingdom organismic interaction networks (microbiota-leaf-herbivore interactions) in cultivation systems in the laboratory and in tree canopies in the forest.

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