DFG FOR PhytOakmeter | Using clonal oak phytometers to unravel acclimation and adaptation mechanisms of long-lived forest tree holobionts to ecological variations and climate change

Lars Opgenoorth, Christian Lampei, Mona Schreiber, Susanne Walden

PhytOakmeter seeks to resolve patterns and mechanisms of acclimation and adaptation (A&A) to drought and above- and belowground herbivory in a tree holobiont. Also, PhytOakmeter seeks to set up substantial experimental resources to develop a new tree model for forest evolutionary ecological research by establishing (i) a tree model system with sufficient -omics resources to facilitate the investigation of A&A patterns from a holobiont perspective in forest trees; (ii) mesocosm experiments ranging from complete environmental and stress control to mesocosm experiments with partly natural environments; a phytometer monitoring platform with a model tree under a broad range of environmental conditions including extreme sites.

Photo: Lars Opgenoorth