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Workload and benefits of participating in the ICC Mediation Competition

Participating in the ICC Mediation Competition involves a lot of time and requires commitment and individual initiative.  Nevertheless, participation is reconcilable with the simultaneous pursuit of regular studies.

Participants will enjoy a unique opportunity to improve their skills in the fields of negotiation and dispute resolution under the eyes of the leading international mediators taking part in the Competition.  Additional benefits include intercultural experience of immeasurable value and a week in Paris, not to mention a great opportunity to further improve one’s business English.  A CV which can boast participation in the ICC Mediation Competition showcases great initiative and superior skills.

Successful participation will be rewarded with 12 ECTS Credit Points.  For law students, participation in the ICC Mediation Competition is recognized either as a “Lehrveranstaltung zur Vermittlung interdisziplinärer Schlüsselqualifikationen“ (sect. 9(1) No. 2 lit. d JAG) or as a “fremdsprachige rechtswissenschaftliche Lehrveranstaltung“ (sect. 9(1) No. 2 lit. e JAG).  Participation in the Competition may also lead to the raising of the state exam grade (sect. 19(3) JAG).

Thanks to our sponsors we are able to cover registration, travel and accommodation expenses.  We are further supported in our preparation by Marburg students of speech science.

Your participation in the 20th ICC Mediation Competition 2024/25

firstly depends on the admission of the University of Marburg to the Competition.

Full-time students of the University of Marburg can apply regardless of what subject they are studying, what semester they are in or of which nationality they are as long as they are not post-graduate doctorate students and do not yet have full-time work experience (except internships).  You should be interested in international commercial mediation and possess solid English language skills and a confident appearance.  Please send your application in English with your CV and contact details (telephone number and email address), copies of your Abitur (or equivalent foreign school leaving certificate) and your university results to date, as well as a motivation letter by email to Dr. Reinmar Wolff.

The closing date for applications will be set in due course.  The team members will be selected after personal interviews in a competitive process.

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