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Civil Law

Prof. Dr. Christine Budzikiewicz
German Civil law, private international law, European private law and comparative law

Prof. Dr. Georgios Gounalakis
Chair of Civil law, Private International law, Comparative law and Media law, Institute of Comparative Private law

Prof. Dr. Tobias Helms
German Civil law, international private law, comparative law

Prof. Dr. Michael Kling
Civil law, commercial and business law, European law, intellectual property law

Prof. Dr. Florian Möslein, LL.M. (London)
German Civil law, German and European Business law

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Omlor, LL.M. (NYU), LL.M. Eur.
Private Law, Commercial and Business Law, Banking Law, and Comparative Law

Prof. Dr. Markus Roth
German Civil law, Labor law, German and European commercial and business law

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Voit
German Civil law, law of civil procedure

Prof. Dr. Johannes Wertenbruch
German Civil law, commercial and business law

Prof. Dr. Constantin Willems
Civil Law, Roman law

Honorary professors