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Prof. Dr. Constantin Willems

The picture shows the lintel of the door of the landgrave's house with its designation.
Photo: Constantin Willems

Civil Law, Roman Law

Welcome to the website of the Marburg Chair for Civil Law and Roman Law!

The team working with the chair held by Professor Dr. Constantin Willems researches and teaches Civil Law, in particular contract. Already Gaius, a Roman jurist from the 2nd century AD, was of the opinion that a lawyer who does not know the origin and the historical development of the law of his times comes illotis manibus, i.e. “with unclean hands” (Gaius 1 l XII tab D. 1.2.1pr.). In this respect, the chair primarily focuses on researching and teaching Roman Law and its afterlife in the European Legal History.

Gaius also shaped the famous triad of personae, res, and actiones (Gai. inst. 1.8). Accordingly, these pages introduce to the personae of the chair: you can find Professor Willems’ curriculum vitae and further information on our team: our secretary, our research assistants, and our student assistants. Additionally, you can find the res: publications and papers given by the holder of the chair. As to our actiones, you might be interested in our research and our teaching section.