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The Team

From left to right: Rebecca Richter, Maren Wibke Weigl (coach), Moritz Hartz, Alexander Tews, Miriam Kerzan, Jeremy Fenner (coach), Julian Christmann, Masud Ulfat (coach) and Finn Bastian Baltasar Baumhaus

And again the time has come: A new team is ready to represent our university at the next Vis Moot Court. We, Finn Bastian Baltasar Baumhaus, Julian Christmann, Moritz Hartz, Miriam Kerzan, Rebecca Richter und Alexander Tews, make up the new team. We are being supported by our coaches Jeremy Fenner, Masud Ulfat, Maren Wibke Weigl and the founders of Marburg's Vis Moot tradition, Oliver Rust and Reinmar Wolff. We are already the sixth team from Marburg that steps into the competition and we are looking forward to the challenges and experiences that lie ahead of us.