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The Team

From left to right: Masud Ulfat (coach), Anastasia Molchanova (coach), Julian Christmann (coach), Christian Wittmer, Arne Böhnke (left the team), Oksana Diachenko, Niklas Frobel, Tim Elger and Miriam Kerzan (coach)

Again, it is time for a new team of law students from Marburg to compete in the 23rd annual Willem C. Vis Moot. This year's team consists of Oksana Diachenko, Tim Elger, Niklas Frobel and Christian Wittmer. We will receive support and advice not only from our coaches Anastasia Molchanova, Miriam Kerzan, Julian Christmann and Masud Ulfat but also from the initiators of the Moot Teams in Marburg, Reinmar Wolff and Oliver Rust. Together, we aim for representing our university and especially our faculty in the best possible way.