13.05.2019 Seminar allocation in economics for the winter term 2019/20

May 15th to May 22nd

Foto: Colourbox.de

Registration for the M.Sc. Economics & Institutions seminars for the winter term 2019/20 is open from the 15th of may until the 22nd of may (23:59h / 11:59 p.m.).

After this registration period, you will be assigned to the seminars and be kept informed via mail. Until one week after the respective kick-off dates, you can decide whether you finally partake in the seminar. After that period, not showing up will be counted like a failed exam in the respective seminar module.

The course with the seminar registration can be found in MARVIN (via "Studies offered" -> "Search for courses") under the title "Seminar allocation Master EconInst" or the number EV-02-001-004 (please switch to "summer term 2019" if necessary).

To register for the seminars, please open said course, click above one of the parallel groups on "apply" and assign your priorities for the respective seminars on the following screen. Please note that if you assign only one priority (or too few in general), you may be assigned to no seminar at all, if the only seminar you selected is overbooked. Please also read the seminar descriptions (accessible via "show details" for each parallel group where such information is already provided) before applying.

You can apply for more than one seminar: Please register the first seminar as stated above and make sure that you also assigned a priority to the desired second seminar. Then write an email (within the deadline stated above!) to kaibrenneke@wiwi.uni-marburg.de, stating your name and matriculation number, your first registered seminar and your desired second seminar. Please use a meaningful subject for your email (e.g. "Registration for second seminar"), and provide further information if necessary. 

Please check your curriculum beforehand, in regard to in which modules you can credit your seminars. In the EconInst programme, seminars are scheduled for the second and third term. Please see the course/group details in MARVIN or the research group websites for further information. Please check also whether you already have passed the maximum number of seminars in your course of study.

Please note that there is no central admission to the seminars of the business administration research groups. For application to these seminars (e.g. for your specialisation "Money, Accounting, Finance") please check the individual homepages of the relevant research groups for more information.