06.11.2017 Seminar allocation summer term 2018


The allocation of seminar places in Economics (BSc) and Economics & Institutions (MSc) takes place from November 15, 2017 to November 30, 2017 via the LSF/QIS-Portal (“Belegfunktion”). Please read the instructions before you begin: https://www.uni-marburg.de/fb02/studium/operativeslsf/anleitung_seminar.pdf. You should choose three priorities. Please check in advance to which module the seminars can be credited and if this fits to your curriculum. You can find the respective information in the seminar descriptions in the LSF/QIS portal. You will be informed via Email as soon as the . You can rescind from participation till one week after the Kick-Off Meeting. After that deadline non-attendance will be considered a failed attempt. 

Master students: seminar participation is scheduled for the second and third semester (see exemplary course schedule). You can find the seminars in the LSF course "Allocation of master seminar places for the upcoming summer term".

Participation in more than one seminar is possible: After normal registration for the first seminar via LSF, please write an email with your data (name, field of study, matriculation number), the registered first seminar, and the desired second seminar to kaibrenneke@wiwi.uni-marburg.de.

Please also ascertain that the module towards which you wish to credit the seminar has not been completed yet. In the course of studies Economics and Institutions, for example, you may complete a maximum of three seminars ("Seminar on Institutional Economics", "Seminar on Economic Policy" und "Seminar on Money, Accounting and Finance"). The allocation of seminars to the respective modules is explained in the context of the course overview in the LSF. 

Please note that allocation of business administration seminars is not organized centrally anymore. You have to register via the research groups’ homepages of the mentioned professors. Information about the registration can be found at the research groups’ homepages in due course.