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Buildings, Lecture Halls, Computer Rooms

Lectures and seminars of the School of Business & Economics mainly take place in the following buildings. All buildings are located closely together in the centre of Marburg. The rooms listed here are those directly associated with the School of Business & Economics.

This interactive map shows you the locations of our buildings. 

Wilhelm-Röpke-Haus Frontansicht
Foto: Felix Wesch

Wilhelm-Roepke-Building resp. Alte Staatsbibliothek, Universitaetsstrasse 25

The Wilhelm Roepke Building is located in Universitaetsstrasse, directly opposite from the Ahrens department store. The massive brick building was built around the turn of the century as a new building for the university library. The name "Alte Staatsbibliothek" comes from the fact that the Prussian State Library was housed in this building in the post-war period. Today it is the Faculty’s largest building. In addition to the Faculty’s service facilities (dean's office, examination office, academic advising, study abroad counselling and financial administration), it also contains the Business & Economics Library (including a PC pool). The Wilhelm Roepke Building also houses the Chair of Statistics. 

Altes Amtsgericht
Foto: Felix Wesch

Altes Amtsgericht (AA), Universitaetsstrasse 24

The Altes Amtsgericht ("Old Courthouse") is located opposite the Wilhelm Roepke Building, directly next to the Ahrens department store. Built of sandstone blocks and bricks, this building owes its name to its former function as a courthouse with an attached municipal prison. Today it houses the Chairs of Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Strategic and International Management, Knowledge Management-Human Resources-Leadership, Finance and Banking as well as Marketing and Retail Management. There are also two lecture halls and a seminar room in the building. 

Seminar room AA 011 (00/0110, ground floor), lecture hall AA 110 (+1/0100, 1st floor), lecture hall AA 209 (+2/0090, 2nd floor).

Foto: Felix Wesch

Landgrafenhaus (LH), Universitaetsstrasse 7

Besides numerous rooms of the Faculty of Law, the Landgrafenhaus houses the largest lecture hall of the School of Business & Economics.

Lecture Hall LH 108 (+1/0080).

Am Plan
Foto: Felix Wesch

Seminar Building "Am Plan" (AP), Am Plan 1 and 2

The "Am Plan" building complex is located in the Upper Town of Marburg, directly above the Wilhelm Roepke Building. Parts of the building were already built in the 13th century and served as a monastery for the Franciscan order. It is the oldest building in our school. After numerous conversions and extensions, the L-shaped building complex now houses the Chairs of Public Economics, Economic Policy, Sustainable Use of Natural Resources, Entrepreneurship and Innovative Business Models, Management Accounting, Sustainability Management, and Technology and Innovation Management. In addition to two seminar rooms, the Institute for Cooperative Systems is also located there.

Seminar room AP 1 (+1026, 1st floor), seminar room AP 2 (00011, ground floor).

Barfüßertor 2
Foto: Felix Wesch

Barfuessertor 2, Barfuessertor 2

The Chairs of Institutional Economics, Digitization and Process Management, and Accounting are housed here. In the building in the old town of Marburg, the student council of the School of Business & Economics is housed in the so-called Fachschaftskeller.

Foto: Andrea Diroll

Pavillon, Universitaetsstrasse 25

Behind the Wilhelm Roepke Building is the pavillon of the School of Business & Economics. In the right area is a PC pool of the university, which is also used for various courses of the School. Further PC workstations are available in the faculty library in the Wilhelm Roepke Building. The left area of the building houses the facility management´s offices.

PC Pool 047 (ground floor).