15.01.2024 Bachelor Thesis SS 2024

  • General information

    Information on basic ideas, topics, examination etc. can be found on our Bachelor thesis page.

  • Registration

    1. Due to restrictions on supervision, the research group Finance and Banking will be setting maximum limits for the number of participants for the Bachelor thesis starting from summer semester 2021:  5

    2. The allocation of places will follow a first-come-first-served basis. However students taking the major (Schwerpunkt) Accounting & Finance will have a priority since they require the seminar and thesis for their study programme.

    • 1st step:
      March 25 to April 4, 2024: Please register via email and provide us with your name, registration number, Ms./Mr., semester and three desired topics.

    • 2nd step:
      After you received our email confirming your registration, please drop the "Registration Form for Bachelor Theses" into our post box (located in the building Altes Amtsgericht) or send the signed application form via email. Prof. Nietert will sign this form.

    • 3rd step:
      April 17, 2024: last day for registration in the examination office: We will send the signed form for you to the examination office.
  • Assignment of topics

    • Topics are exclusively assigned by means of email on April 22, 2024, i.e. you do not have to show up personally to obtain a topic. You will receive an email of your supervisor not later than April 23, 2024.

    • The starting date of the Bachelor thesis is the day after the email has been sent out.

    • However, you must sign the Bachelor thesis form (not to be confused with the registration form). To that end, your personal attendance is needed or alternatively, you can confirm the topic and the submission date via email.
  • Submitting the thesis

    • before Prüfungsordnung 2018/1 (9 weeks): June 24, 2024 in the examination office
    • from Prüfungsordnung 2018/1 onwards (12 weeks): July 15, 2024 in the examination office

    • two printed copies of the Bachelor thesis

    • a data media that contains the Excel files, and an electronic version of the thesis and all references (no CD or DVD-only USB).