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You would like to write your Bachelor's or Master's thesis in our research group?

In this case please look at the main teaching and research areas of our research group and choose (at least roughly)  one or two topics you would want to work on. Please send your preferred topics via email to our secretarial office about 8 weeks before you want to start your thesis. Please also provide your course of studies, your study semester and the time you want to start your thesis.

If the topic you have chosen fits our main research areas and timing permits the supervision of your thesis we will make an appointment with you to discuss further details of your planned thesis.

Completed Master's theses:

  • Inhalt ausklappen Inhalt einklappen 20182018

    Regulation of genetically modified food and feed in the EU

    The European Cosmetic Industry: Consumer Protection and Competition Problems

    Traffic regulation, road safety, and connected cars

    Price Discrimination in the Digital Economy

    Digital Single Market - Copyright and Geoblocking in the EU

    Patents and Access to essential medicines in developing countries

    Regulatory Problems of the European Cloud Industry

    Arzneimittel Zulassungsverfahren in der EU

    Privatisierung von Krankenhäusern in Deutschland

    European Single Market for Rail Services - Impact of the Forth Railway Package

    Personal data protection in the EU and Russia

    Patents and Access to essential Medicines in developiong Countries

    Electromobility in China

  • Inhalt ausklappen Inhalt einklappen 20172017

    Privacy and Internet Economy

    Data Market in the Digital Economy

    Migration Policies in the EU

    Parallel Trade of Pharmaceuticals within the European Union

    Aid and Democracy - The Effectiveness of Conditional Aid

    Video Games Industry: Competition and Intellectual Property Issues

    Merger and Innovation in EU Competition Policy

    Arbeitsmigrationspolitik in Deutschland und Kanada

    Patent Protection for Pharmaceuticals in Canada

    Big Data im Gesundheitswesen: Chancen und Risiken

    Dieselgate: Lobbying of the Automotive Industry in regard to EU Emission Standards

    Patent Licensing from a Competition Policy Perspective

    Rating on Internet Platforms - Incentives and Problems

    Regulatory Impact Assessment - Folgenabschätzung im EU Gesetzgebungsprozess

    Mobile Payment and Competition

    Smart Manufacturing: Problems and Policy Solutions

  • Inhalt ausklappen Inhalt einklappen 20162016

    R & D and Growth: A sectoral analysis

    The Patent Law in China under Trips

    Infrastructure-based competition and regulation in telecommunications

    Parallel Trade and Access to Pharmaceuticals in Developing Countries

    Vertical Restraints in the Internet Economy

    Privacy in the internet from a consumer policy perspective

    Digital Economy, Personal Data and Competition Law

    Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone

    Der Wandel von Qualifikationsanforderungen durch den Einsatz digitaler Technologien

    Equity Rules in Climate Negotiations

  • Inhalt ausklappen Inhalt einklappen 20152015

    EU and US Anti-dumping Policy in the Photovoltaics Market

    R&D Subsidies in Germany

    TRIPS, Compulsory Licensing and Access to Pharmaceuticals in Developing Countries

    The EU and US Consumer Policy on Genetically Modified Organisms

    European Internal Electricity Market

    The Allogation of Litigation Costs: English versus American Rule

    Consumer Policy in Retail Financial Services in the EU

    Housing Policy in South Korea and Taiwan