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Lectures and Seminars at the undergraduate level

Lehrveranstaltung SS 2022 WS 22/23 SS 2023 WS 23/24 SS 2024
Wirtschaftspolitik - -
Wettbewerb und Regulierung - -
Seminar * - -
Wissenschaftstheorie, Dogmengeschichte,
Plurale Ökonomik
- - -

Please note: Professor Kerber will retire at the end of the summer semester 2024


The course takes place in the respective semester.
- The course will not take place in the respective semester.
* In agreement with the other research groups in economics we offer sufficient seminar places. Therefore, our research group will not offer a seminar in every semester. Seminars are announced via the central seminar place allocation process.
** This exercise is this semester under the direction of the Working Group Institutional Economics (Homepage).