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Photo:,, Ina Dietzsch

European Ethnology and Studies in Culture and History (Empirische Kulturwissenschaft) in Marburg is a variant of what is known in English as Cultural Anthropology, Critical Cultural Studies, partly also Folklore Studies or Historcial anthropology. In the European context, the discipline is part of the international networks of both EASA and SIEF.

With a strong empirical orientation, we focus on everyday practices, processes of identifiction, concepts of difference and understandings of reality against the background of their historical emergence. Complex structures and power relations of the ordinary are examined in practices of human beings, in net- and meshworks, in discourses and their materializations, around and through artefacts and in more-than-human socialities.

Staff members work in research and teaching on the following culturally relevant core issues of social urgency:

  • Digitization in Everyday Life and Feminist Critique of Technology
  • Memory Practices in relation to the Shoa
  • Climate Change and transforming NatureCultures (Water)
  • Sensual Anthropology and Multimodal Ethnographies Changing Work Cultures
  • Historical Anthropology/History of Knowledge and Science
  • Intersectional Research and Practices of Space
  • Migration and Mobilities

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