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One prerequisite for the program in Protestant theology (toward the First Examination in Theology, master’s degree, or a diploma) is knowledge of Latin, Greek and Hebrew.
One prerequisite for the program in Protestant religion (toward the qualification to teach the subject of religion in secondary schools) is knowledge of Latin and Greek.

Knowledge of a language can be demonstrated via the Latin, Greek, or Hebrew Examinations on a high school graduation certificate, supplementary tests, or the equivalent examinations at a postsecondary educational institution.

Knowledge of these languages can still be acquired at the start of the basic studies level (Grundstudium). The structure of the basic studies level takes into account the fact that most students will still need to learn languages. There are several options for preparing for the language tests (e.g. independent study, university preparatory courses). Department 05 (Protestant Theology) and Department 10 (World Language Philologies) offer a comprehensive selection of language courses to prepare for the language tests in Greek, Hebrew and Latin. In general, all language courses include tutorial sections (see below).