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Courses for exchange students

The course catalogue with detailed information about all courses (time, course number and description, etc.) is published online on March 1st (for the summer term) and on August 1st (for the winter term):
--> go to Marvin (Vorlesungsverzeichnis), select the correct term and click on "Fachbereich 09 Germanistik und Kunstwissenschaften"

1. Courses in German studies:
For courses in German studies search in the following path:
→ Austauschstudierende (ERASMUS & Overseas Incomings) > Exportmodule  für Incomings (Deutsche Sprache u. Literatur)

- Courses in German studies in summer 2023

2. Courses in Media Studies:
For courses in Media studies search in the following path:
→ Austauschstudierende (ERASMUS & Overseas Incomings) > Exportmodule für Incomings (Medienwissenschaft)

- Courses in Media studies in summer 2023

3. Courses in Art history:
For courses in Art history search in the following degree programms:
→ B.A. Kunsgeschichte

- Courses in Art history in summer 2023

4. Courses in Music studies and Fine arts:
For courses search in the following degree programms:
→ M.A. Bildende Kunst - Künstlerische Konzeptionen
→ M.A. Musikwissenschaft. Geschichte und Vermittlung

Please note:
You need to attend all module parts (usually 2-3 different classes) in order to complete the entire module and get the final ECTS credits (usually 12 ECTS/module). In the most cases not all module parts are offered each term.

Please follow the instruction about how to register for courses and examination.

The Faculty of German Studies and Arts also offers some special courses for Incomings.

General language of instruction is German (B2 level or higher in German is recommended).
For German language courses please see the course program at the Language Center (Sprachenzentrum).

In the fields of media studies and general linguistics a few courses in English are regularly offered.

Many courses at our Faculty are offered regularly each year or each term (see regular courses).