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Courses for exchange students

At the Faculty of German Studies and Arts incoming exchange students can take courses in German linguistics and literature, media and music studies, art history and fine arts.

Courses for incoming exchange students are collected in the course cataloge in the folder "Fachbereich 09 Germanistik und Kunstwissenschaften" --> "Austauschstudierende (ERASMUS & Overseas Incomings)".

Please follow the instruction about how to register for courses and examination.

The Faculty of German Studies and Arts also offers some special courses for Incomings.

General language of instruction is German (B2 level or higher in German is recommended).
For German language courses please see the course program at the Language Center (Sprachenzentrum).

In the fields of media studies and general linguistics a few courses in English are regularly offered.

Many courses at our Faculty are offered regularly each year or each term (see regular courses).