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Course registration

For exchange students the course registration via MARVIN does not work. In order to register for the class please send an e-mail directly to your teacher.

For some courses you may need to register on the learning platform ILIAS. Here you can find the guidelines:
Registration guide ILIAS (German)
Registration guide ILIAS (English)

The registration period for each class is indicated in the course catalogue in the field "Zeiträume".

If you have further questios about course registration, please contact the secretariat of the department where the course is offered: (for courses in German linguistics) (for courses in German literature) (for courses in medieval German philology) (for courses in media studies) (for courses in art history)

Exam registration

As an exchange student you do not need to register online for your exams. Your Belegliste will be a sufficient record of your academic work and grades.

Grading system