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Group Leader:

Photo: Jochen Mogk

Johanna Heine, Dr. rer. nat.

Junior Research Group Leader


Room: C 202, Phone: +49 6421 28 25482

Curriculum Vitae (german)


Photo: Natalie Dehnhardt

Jakob Möbs


Room: 01/2210, Phone: +49 6421 28 25377

Topic: Ternary Group 15 Iodidometalate Anions as Building Blocks for new Materials

PhD Students

Photo: Natalie Dehnhardt

Meng Yang, Ms. Sc.


Room: 01/2210, Phone: +49 6421 28 25377

Thesis Topic: Synthesis and Characterisation of New Benzylammonium Halogenido Pentelates

Bachelor and Master Students:

Photo: Madeleine Beck

Madeleine Beck, M. Sc.

Thesis Topic: Synthesis and characterisation of novel halide metallates containg lead, antimonate and bismuth

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Photo: Natalie Dehnhardt

Bettina Wagner, Dr. rer. nat. (2021)

Thesis Topic: Synthesis of new Halogenidobismuthates with Porphyrin-Diacids as Counterions

R-Biopharm AG, Pfungstadt

Photo: Bettina Wagner

Natalie Dehnhardt, Dr. rer. nat. (2020)

Thesis Topic: Complex Group 15 Halogenido Metalates

BASF, Ludwigshafen