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Student Research:

In our lab... can do bachelor-, master- or state exam thesis, research labs in inorganic and materials chemistry, international internships, student research assistant (Hiwi)

...learn more about single crystal diffraction, powder diffraction, UV/VIS spectroscopy, photoluminescence spectroscopy

...learn more about solvothermal synthesis, mechanochemistry, Schlenk technique

Former students:


Ajna Tomori: Synthesis and characterisation of novel group 14 and 15 halogenido metallates containing dimetyhl iminium cations (AC-MPR)

Annika Weindel: Synthesis and characterization of novel group 11/15 halogenido metalates with homopiperazinium cations (bachelor thesis)

Madeleine Beck: Synthesis and characterisation of novel halide metallates containg lead, antimonate and bismuth (master thesis)


Rylee James: Synthesis and characterization of novel halogenido group 11/15 metalates with unusual di-iminium cations (DAAD-RISE fellowship)

Kai Staege: Sysnthesis and optical properties of crystalline 2d-layered bismuth and antimony halide coordination polymers with phosphineoxide ligands (student research assistant)


Sarah Critchley: Synthesis of novel pyrazine/group 11/15/17 coordination polymers in pyrazine melt and their characterization (DAAD-RISE fellowship)

Mindle-Shavy Paneth: 2d-layered bismuth and antimony halide coordination polymers with phosphineoxide ligands: Preparation and characterization of nanoparticles (Fulbright fellowship)

Regina Busch: Synthesis and characterization dppa coordinated pentel and coinage metal halogenido complexes (MatC-MPR)

Paula Epure: Synthesis and characterization of novel halogenido bismuthates and antimonates with piperazinium cations and ternary anions. (MatC-MPR)


Andreas Schmidt: Synthesis of copper(I) halogenido bismuthates and -antimonates in hydrohalic and hypophosphorous acids (MatC-MPR)

Gina Stuhrmann: Synthesis and characterization of halogenido bismuthates and -antimonates with pyrazinium cations (state exam thesis)

Alena Shlyaykher: (student research assistant)


Christian Joshua Rosner: Synthesis of halogenido antimonates with pyridinium cations (AC-MPR)

Chantsalmaa Berthold: Synthesis of bromido and chlorido antimonates with trimethyl sulfonium cations (MatC-MPR)

Alena Shlyaykher: Sysnthesis and characterization of complexes [(P(o-tol)3)mMnEkIl]q- (MatC-MPR)

Martin Möbs: Halogenido bismuthates with diporphyrine acids as counterions (MatC-MPR)

Chantsalmaa Berthold: Synthesis of new benzylammonium halogenidopentelates with layered arrangement (bachelor thesis)

Nikolas Hecht: Synthesis of new iodido bismuthates with sterically hindered cations (AC-MPR)

Mirco Wende: (student research assistant)

Mindl-Shavy Paneth: Iminium halogenido metalates (DAAD-RISE)


Ana Pons Gomez: Synthesis and characterization of a series of group 15 iodido metalates with ternary anions (bachelor thesis, erasmus)

André Böth: Investigations in the system SbI3-CuI/AgI-MeCN (AC-MPR)

Julius Winkler: Halogenido pentelates as 2D perovskite analoga (AC-MPR)

Samuel Bayliff: (DAAD-RISE)

Marvin Szabo: Synthesis of quarternary noble metal iodido bismuthates (AC-MPR)