Dr. Esther Meißner

Esther Meißner
Foto: Fotostudio Wiegand

Tech. Assistentin

Contact information

+49 6421 28-23452 esther.meissner@biologie 1 Karl-von-Frisch-Straße 8
35032 Marburg
K|05 Institutsgebäude (Room: 2061)

Organizational unit

Philipps-Universität Marburg Biologie (Fb17) Naturschutz Naturschutz (AG Farwig)

I support the group members of the Conservation group in field and laboratory work: We use fragment length analysis, Barcoding or sex determination in birds at our lab. If you have any questions about lab organization, climate chambers or ordering lab materials, I am your contact. As the safety officer of our group, I am responsible for all safety issues, and conduct, among other things, laboratory briefings.

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