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Biogeography and high mountain research

Biogeography deals with the spatial distribution patterns of organisms of different phylogeny (species, populations) and function (functional groups and properties), as well as their communities (societies, ecosystems, biodiversity), and aims to capture, understand and predict these patterns.

In Marburg, the focus is on the biogeography of plants (both vascular plants and mosses and lichens), especially in high mountains and in the tropics. The historical and future influences of human activity (for example as a result of climate change) on vegetation and the distribution of species play a central role.

There are currently two working groups active in the field of biogeography and high mountain research. You can find out more about the research contents of both working groups on the following pages.

Seniorprofessur für Vergleichende Hochgebirgsforschung   (Prof. Dr. Georg Miehe)

Arbeitsgruppe Ökologische Pflanzengeographie (Juniorprofessorin Dr. Maaike Bader)

Other independent team members in the field of biogeography are Dr. Kerstin Bach and Dr. Jürgen Kluge.