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Physical Geography 

At the Department of Geography different physical geographic working groups (AG's) are represented.

For information on the respective workgroup content, assigned persons, the teaching of a specific workgroup and the main research topics, including publications, please refer to the AGs that are of interest to you in the left tabs. In addition, at the top of the top left tab you will find an overview of all persons assigned to Physical Geography at Faculty 19.

The following physical geographic working groups are represented at the Department of Geography:

  • Biogeography and Biodiversity Research
  • Soil and Hydrogeography
    • Soil Science and Hydrology
    • Soil and Water Ecosystems
  • Climatology and Environmental Modelling
  • Environmental Informatics
  • Geomorphology, Geoarchaeology and Geology

Please be aware, that not all working groups are available in Englisch yet. For all working groups please visit the German website.