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Stem Cells Niche Dynamics - Dr. Rust

Cellular dynamics in stem all-niche communications

To remain functional, tissues have to maintain homeostasis. They have to coordinate proliferation, differentiation and death of all cells in the tissue simultaneously. We study aspects of tissue homeostasis using the Drosophila follicle cell lineage as a model:

  • By employing live imaging techniques we investigate how cellular dynamics of niche and stem cells influence stem cell behavior.
  • Using single cell RNA-sequencing we explore the signaling pathway network that regulates cell fate decisions in the early follicle cell lineage.
  • We are interested in understanding how niche cells acquire the ability to replace stem cells during stress conditions.

Rust K and Nystul TG. (2020) ‘Signal transduction in the early Drosophila follicle stem cell lineage’, Current Opinion in Insect Science, 37, pp. 39–48. doi:10.15252/embj.201798659

Rust K, Byrnes LE, Shengyang K, Park JS, Sneddon JB, Tward AD, Nystul TG. (2020) ‘A Single-Cell Atlas and Lineage Analysis of the Adult Drosophila Ovary’, Nature Communications. doi: 10.1038/s41467-020-19361-0

Rust K*, Tiwari MD, Mishra VK, Grawe A, Wodarz A*. (2018) ‘Myc and the Tip60 chromatin remodeling complex control neuroblast maintenance and polarity in Drosophila’, The EMBO journal. doi: 10.15252/embj.201798659.
*co-corresponding authors.

Dr. Katja Rust
Molecular Cellphysiology
Emil-Mannkopff-Str. 2
35037 Marburg