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S. Bogdan

Publications on pubmed

  • 2024

    Thiele PJ, Mela-Lopez R, Blandin SA, Klug D. Let it glow: genetically encoded fluorescent reporters in Plasmodium. Malar J. 2024 Apr 20;23(1):114.

  • 2023

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  • 2022

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  • 2021

    Hirschhäuser A, van Cann M, Bogdan S. (2021). CK1α protects WAVE from degradation to regulate cell shape and motility in immune response. J Cell Sci. 2021 Nov 3;.

    Bischoff M, Bogdan S
    (2021). Collective cell migration driven by filopodia—New insights from the social behavior of myotubes. BioEssays.

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    ., S. Lieb, R. Renkawitz-Pohl, and S. Bogdan (2021). Filopodia-based contact stimulation of cell migration drives tissue morphogenesis. Nat Commun 12:791

  • 2020

    Rust K and Nystul TG (2020). Signal transduction in the early Drosophila follicle stem cell lineage. Curr Opin Insect Sci 37, pp. 39–48.

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  • 2019

    Horsthemke, M., Nutter, L.M.J., Bachg, A.C., Skryabin, B.V., Honnert, U., Zobel, T., Bogdan, S., Stoll, M., Seidl, M.D., Mueller, F.U., et al (2019). A novel isoform of myosin 18A (Myo18Agamma) is an essential sarcomeric protein in mouse heart.  J Biol Chem May 3;294(18):7202-7218.

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  • 2018

    Scherzinger, A., Hugenroth, P., Rüder, M., Bogdan, S. and Jiang, X. (2018). Multi-class Cell Segmentation using CNNs with F1-measure Loss Function (2018).Contributed to the Proc. of 40th German Conference on Pattern Recognition (GCPR), Stuttgart.

    Rüder M, Nagel BM, Bogdan S. (2018). Analysis of Cell Shape and Cell Migration of Drosophila Macrophages In Vivo. Methods Mol Biol 1749:227-238

  • 2017

    Nagel BM, Bechtold M, Rodriguez LG, Bogdan S. (2017). Drosophila WASH is required for integrin-mediated cell adhesion, cell motility and lysosomal neutralization. J Cell Sci Jan 15;130(2):344-359, cover picture. 

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  • 2016

    Squarr AJ, Brinkmann K, Chen B, Steinbacher T, Ebnet K, Rosen MK, Bogdan S. (2016). Fat2 acts through the WAVE regulatory complex to drive collective cell migration during tissue rotation. J Cell Biol Feb 29;212(5):591-603, cover picture.  

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  • 2015

    Seebach, J., Taha, A., Lenk, J., Lindemann, N., Jiang, X., Brinkmann, K., Bogdan, S. and Schnittler, H.-J. (2015). CellBorderTracker: A Video Analysis Package for the quantification of complex cell junction dynamics in endothelium. Histochem Cell Biol.  144(6):517-32, cover picture.

    Zobel, T., Brinkmann K., Koch N., Schneider K., Seemann E., Kessels, M., Qualmann, B. and Bogdan, S. (2015). Cooperative functions of the two F-BAR proteins Cip4 and Nostrin in regulating E-cadherin in epithelial morphogenesis. J Cell Sci, 128; 3, 499-515, cover picture.

  • 2014

    Chen, X.J., Squarr, A.J., Stephan, R., Chen, B., Higgins, T., Barry, D.J., Martin, M.C., Rosen, M.K., Bogdan, S. * and Way, M. * (2014). Ena/VASP proteins cooperate with the WAVE complex to regulate the actin cytoskeleton. Dev Cell Sep 8;30(5):569-84. (* Co-corresponding authors).

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  • 2013

    Sander, M., Squarr, A. J., Risse, B., Jiang, X. and Bogdan, S. (2013). Drosophila pupal macrophages - a versatile tool for combined ex vivo and in vivo imaging of cell dynamics at high resolution. Eur J Cell Biol Oct-Nov;92(10-11):349-54, cover picture.

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  • earlier

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