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Copiers for Employees

For copying, printing and scanning at the IT workstation, copiers are available at many locations [German]. Depending on the model, up to DIN-A4 or DIN-A3 and black and white or color are supported. All devices have a single sheet feeder and can copy, print and scan on one or both sides.

Operators can use all centrally located copying machines. These are the devices in so-called business mode, which are only available to employees, and the publicly accessible copiers in so-called mixed mode, which can also be used by students and guests.

Target group



Central user account (Staff Account)

Chip card authentication at the copier:

Assign cost center (form for cost center assignment) [German]:

  • for copiers in mixed mode:
    • to copy card
  • for copiers in business mode:
    • to the account of the employee

Your benefit

  • Printing from an employee workstation
  • Printing from your own computer in VPN under Windows 10, Mac-OS and Ubuntu (business mode: SafeQ-Client, mixed mode: Q Pilot-Client)
  • Copying
  • Scanning to your personal email address


Format costs
A4-Black and white 3,5 Cent
A4-color 25 Cent
A4-A3-scan 1,5 Cent
A3-Black and white 7 Cent
A3-color 50 Cent



Scanning (Scan-to-me):

Operating Instructions: