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Examination System

The e-exam service provides a special ILIAS system for summative examinations.

Question types and exam creation

The examination system offers the large functional range of the ILIAS test and assessment module. E-exams can contain multiple choice questions (multiple choice, single choice), cloze texts (text gap, selection gap, numerical gap), assignment and arrangement questions as well as text subset questions and free text questions. It is possible to add images to the explanatory texts. Further question types and presentation elements are planned. A demo exam including the most important question types can be conducted in the ILIAS learning platform.

The questions are organized in question pools, which allows for reuse and cooperative use with colleagues. The question pools can then be put together as exams and parameterized according to the requirements of the exam (e.g. setting an individual question sequence for each examinee).

Examination procedure

After the students have logged in, the examination system only allows access to the approved exam; all other ILIAS elements will be disabled. In case of technical problems, the results are stored on a server during the exam, so that examinees can continue on a reserve computer.

Evaluation and archiving

The evaluation of the questions is usually carried out automatically. For open task types, depending on the type, a comfortable post-correction in the examination system (e.g. the inclusion of additional correct answers for cloze questions) or a manual assignment of points is possible. In the case of free text tasks that require a detailed "red pencil correction", the corresponding answers can be exported as a PDF file and printed out. The results can also be exported as Excel tables (e.g. for the announcement of results, entry of grades in the examination administration system).

Since it is legally required to store exams, the e-exam service provides examiners and examination offices with an archive CD containing the written exams until the end of the following semester.