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Organizational Procedure

The e-exam service mainly takes on supporting tasks in the examination process with regard to technology and organization, but does not interfere with the examiner's area of responsibility.

Phase Time/period Responsibility, examiners/employees, (if applicable, examination office) Responsibility, e-exam service
Preparation Before the start of the semester
  • Register exams
  • Request a room
  • Consultation
  • Reserve a room
Four weeks before the exam day
  • Organize technical supervision
  • Create question pools and exams in the author system
  • If necessary, offer a trial exam in the ILIAS learning platform
  • Create access to the authoring system
  • Conduct training if necessary
One week before the exam day
  • Provide a complete text with the exam questions
  • Provide a binding and complete registration list of all examinees admitted to the exam with their surnames, first names and matriculation number or student username of the examinees
  • Check the completed test for technical problems and configure it in the test system
  • Send usernames of the examinee accounts to student addresses of the examinee
Implementation On the exam day
  • Let in examinees
  • Identity control
  • Check the delivery of the exam
  • Activate an exam in the examination system
  • Prepare a computer
  • Announce the exam password (start of the exam)
  • Shut down the computer or prepare it for the next group
Follow-up After the test
  • Post-corrections
  • Grading and entry of the results in iCM
  • Organize an exam review if necessary
  • Create access to test system for post-correction
  • Support with the exam review (with PDF files or review in a PC room)
By the end of the semester
  • Download archive and store in a safe place
  • Create an archive
  • Delete all personal data from the examination system