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LIVE - Remote Support

With LIVE, supporters can easily access users' computers and mobile devices to provide technical support when needed.

The mouse, keyboard and screen are shared. Access is only possible after entering a connection code.

Direkt zu LIVE

Directly to the LIVE website.

Your benefit

When it comes to questions about IT topics, a quick glance at the screen can often save a lot of phone calls, emails and screenshots. LIVE makes it possible for supporters to connect to the devices as if they were "on site". Users can look at the same screen and interact together with the supporters.

The screen is only released and the input devices shared after the users have entered a connection code. A LIVE session without the consent (by entering a code) of the support recipient is not possible.

LIVE works in all directions under Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, iOS and Windows Mobile.

Target group

Students, employees, guests


  • Support recipients need an Internet-enabled device to get help.
  • Support providers require an Internet-enabled device and a LIVE account including a second factor to provide assistance.