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How do I login with two-factor authentification?

As a reminder, GitLab is secured with two-factor authentication (2FA). Thus, you have to provide your username, password, and one-time password (e.g. YubiKey, TAN or smartphone token). The one-time password has to be placed into the same field as your password, just right behind your password. General information on 2FA can be found at the website of the Philipps-Universität Marburg.

As the login of GitLab is secured by two-factor authentification some restrictions apply. GitLab does not support any https authentification for Git if 2FA is active. Thus, you have to use SSH as connection method when using Git. To use SSH efficiently a SSH key should be created and stored in GitLab.

For automated processes like CI jobs password-based authentification should be avoided. Project access tokens are the appropriate way to autheticate automated processes.

How do I get support?

Besides this FAQ there is further documentation and information directly in GitLab. You can receive it from this specific project.

Feedback, requests, and questions to the GitLab service can be addressed in different ways. You can always e-mail us at or create an issue directly in GitLab.