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Version control with GitLab

Version control with GitLab is provided as a central service of Philipps-Universität Marburg. Based on the distributed version-control system Git, it enables a versioned storage and management of data. Furthermore, it is ideal for software development and the work on research data (active research-data management). Especially collaborative work can be carried out easily using GitLab. In addition, GitLab supports working in groups and in projects, e.g. through project-specific wikis, issue tracking (ticketing systems), or Kanban boards, and also offers tools for quality assurance of code and data (continuous integration). GitLab pages offers the possibility to create an appealing presentation of project and their results directly via GitLab.

Target group

Students, staff


Central user account (university account)


Manuals, specific instructions, and a FAQ section can be found directly in GitLab.


The GitLab service is in production since May 2022.

Requesting groups

We offer to create self-organized groups in GitLab, to provide a flexible management of research groups and lectures in GitLab

To successfully setup a group for a user, the user has to log in once before requesting the group.


Every user has a quota of 10 GB and is allowed to create up to 100 personal projects. For research groups specific groups are created within GitLab with a quota of 50 GB. An extension of the available storage can be done the same way as for the file service of the HRZ.