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VPN Access

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) enables members of the Philipps-Universität Marburg to access university resources and data over the Internet in a secure way. Essentially, the VPN allows them to work without the need for physical presence within the university's IT infrastructure and without sacrificing the benefits available to university members on the physical network. In order to use a VPN connection, you need to install a VPN client, which establishes and secures the connection between the user and the university's VPN.

As of 16 Sep 2022, the VPN group unimr-vpn-students only allows access to literature and publishing offers as well as the public offers of Philipps-Universität. For further access please use the group unimr-vpn-students-password+2FA; this requires two-factor authentication (e.g. "extended password" consisting of password with directly attached TAN). The details can be found here.

If you enter "VPN Uni Marburg" in search engines, for example, you may come across dubious fake VPNs. These are malicious or fraudulent software that encrypts data on your computer or reads your passwords. Therefore, please download the VPN client only via the links below.

You can find the quick start for the most important operating systems here:

Target group and requirements

Target group: students, employees

  • Central User Account (Uni Account) with VPN authorization