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Installation and connection setup of a VPN connection under MacOS

  • ATTENTION: Only macOS versions from 10.15 (macOS Catalina) are fully supported.

    • Download and Installation

      1. Go to On the login page, select the appropriate user group, log in with your university account credentials, and confirm the welcome message by clicking Continue.
      2. Click on Start AnyConnect.

      3. Click on Download for macOS.
      4. Log out again by clicking Logout (top right).
      5. Open the file from your Download folder and launch the installation package by double-clicking the package icon. Follow the installation instructions.
    • Establishing a VPN connection

      1. Launch Anyconnect (Programs→Cisco→Cisco Anyconnect VPN Client).
      2. If the "Ready to connect" prompt appears, enter Confirm the entry by clicking on Connect. Then select the appropriate user group and enter the username and password for your account. Click on OK.
      3. Confirm the welcome message by clicking Accept.
      4. When the connection is successfully established, the login window disappears; the connection is indicated by an icon in the notification area (systray) of the taskbar.