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Web conferencing with BigBlueButton

BigBlueButton allows web conferencing in the browser with up to 500 participants. The application offers many important features for online teaching events:

  • Share audio/video
  • Share screen
  • Share presentation
  • Chat with all or individual participants
  • Conduct polls or surveys
  • Whiteboard for collaborative content development
  • Shared notes for the elaboration of content or for protocols
  • Break-out rooms: use additional rooms for small group work in parallel for a defined period of time
  • Recording option
  • Integration in ILIAS: create a web conference room directly in courses and groups

Important notes:

  • Google Chrome, Chromium or Mozilla Firefox should be used as the browser on all platforms (including Apple devices).

Target group

Teachers, staff and students


For organizers: Central staff or student user account (university account), PC/laptop with current browser (recommended: Chrome, Chromium or Firefox), webcam and headset (or speaker and microphone).

For participants: No account required, PC/laptop with current browser (recommended: Chrome, Chromium or Firefox) as well as headset (or speaker and microphone), webcam if applicable.



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