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Web Conferencing with DFNconf

The HRZ participates in the video and web conference service DFNconf. With this service (in addition to the web conferencing service BigBlueButton) all staff members of the University of Marburg can create and administrate virtual meeting rooms with up to 23 participants in the DFNconf portal as organizer. The DFNconf portal provides invitation texts with which the organizers can invite all participants to a video conference in their virtual meeting rooms. After the organizer has entered the virtual meeting room, additional participants can join. Participant registration is not required. Participation is not limited to university employees.

In the multipurpose building, the HRZ provides a video conferencing device in a seminar room (up to 20 persons) and a smaller meeting room (up to 6 persons).

Target group



For organizers:

Currently, only the following groups of persons are authorized to create event rooms in the DFNconf service and to administer them:

  • Professors (with current employment contract as well as emeriti and retired persons)
  • Staff members (with current employment contract)

For participants:

Participation in a videoconference requires a PC/laptop with current browser, webcam as well as loudspeaker and microphone or better a headset (alternatively an appropriately equipped mobile device or access to a videoconferencing device) as well as the access data from the invitation.

To participate in the video communication, a video image must also be sent by the participant.


Using the DFNconf service as an organizer (GER)

  • Support and Help

    For general questions, please contact the IT Service Desk. Please include your account and a meaningful subject in emails. For malfunctions and error messages, you are also welcome to contact us directly at

  • Worth knowing

    Interoperability with web conferencing services

    The DFNconf video conferencing service is based on standard protocols for video connections on the Internet. With the WebRTC standard, video conferencing in the browser ("web conferencing") is also possible in the DFNconf service. Connections to proprietary web conferencing services (BlueJeans, Cisco WebEx, Skype, Starleaf, Vidyo, Zoom, etc.) are only possible if the web conferencing service in question offers an interface for connections to a standardized video conference (using the SIP or H.323 protocol).

    In particular, it is usually not possible to participate in a web conference with one of our video conferencing devices.

    Privacy and confidentiality

    In the case of web conferencing services, communication is conducted via a server of the service provider. As a rule, communication to and from this server is encrypted. The audio and image data must be processed on the server, and access to the content is possible there in principle. It is therefore important to know where these servers are located and who operates them. DFN operates the DFNconf infrastructure independently within the German Research Network.