21.01.2020 Interdisciplinary ICWC study trip to Namibia

From 7 to 19 December 2019, eleven students went on a study trip to Namibia under the direction of Dr. Wolfgang Form, managing director of the ICWC, and Prof. Dr. Eckhardt Koch, professor at the Institute for European Ethnology/Cultural Studies at the University of Marburg.

Photo: Wolfgang Form

During their time spent in the capital Windhoek and on the Waterberg Plateau, the students and lecturers from the fields of law, peace and conflict studies, sociology, international development studies, European ethnology and cultural and social anthropology investigated the question of how the German colonial period in general and the genocide of the Herero and Nama between 1904 and 1908 in particular are remembered today in Namibian society.
On the agenda of the study trip was a series of conversations with various actors in Namibian society, including representatives of various Herero interest groups, German institutions active on site such as GIZ, Goethe-Institut and the German Embassy, as well as the Bishop of the German Evangelical Lutheran Church in Windhoek and the former head of the Namibian National Archives. For the participants of the excursion these conversations opened up a variety of perspectives on the issues of coming to terms with the colonial legacy and the memory of the genocide, as well as the consequences of the historical events for the living conditions of different population groups in present-day Namibia.

For further information please click on the following link: Tracing the Herero and Nama genocide.