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Each year, in cooperation with the ICWC students from divers departments are sent to so called moot courts where one or several legal proceedings are simulated. Usually, students slip into the roles of prosecutors or defence counsels, sometimes they represent judges. The simulations offer the opportunity for students to practically apply and practice their theoretical knowledge. Participants are supported by mentors who give advise and coaching.

The Nuremberg Moot Court in International Criminal Law annually takes place in the historical court chamber 600 in Nuremberg - the venue of the Nuremberg Trial of the Major War Criminals - and is an event of international importance and popularity. In the past, teams from Marburg participated successfully.

Each spring, the Model International Criminal Court (MICC) takes place in the Polish city of Krzyżowa. The MICC not only allows the students to slip into the roles of prosecutors and defence counsels but also to prove themselves as judges. In addition, the MICC comprises a press team which makes it particularly attractive for students from non-law departments.