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Deadline for the submission of written assignments in the winter semester 2022/23: March 15, 2023
Deadline for the retake of written assignments in the winter semester 2022/23: April 15, 2023 (since April 15, 2023 is a Saturday, the deadline is extended to April 17, 2023)

!Please note that there might apply different deadlines for classes of other study programmes. 


Registration and deregistration for academic achievements and test performances in the winter semester 2022/23:

Registration for the internship module examination: continuously possible
Registration and deregistration for examinations and mandatory academic achievements: from October 18, 2022 until February 1, 2023
Registration and deregistration for all retake examinations: from March 1 until April 17, 2023

!Please note that there might apply different deadlines for classes of other study programmes. 


Registrations for courses take place via MARVIN and are NOT examination registrations. You can find further information concerning the examination registrations in the FAQ “Registration and deregistration for test performances and academic achievements”.

Registration and deregistration for courses in the winter semester 2022/23: From October 1 until November 3, 2022

!Please note that there might apply different deadlines for classes of other study programmes. 

  • How do I register for a course?

    To find out exactly how to register for your classes through MARVIN, please visit the university's YouTube Channel. Here you will find a corresponding instruction video.

    Please note that there might apply different rules and deadlines for classes of other study programmes. 

  • How do I deregister from a course?

    The procedure of deregistration is the same as for registration (see FAQ “How do I register for a course?”).

    Usually, the deadlines for deregistration correspond with the registration deadlines. You can find the accurate dates on this site above the FAQ.

    If you decide not to attend a certain course after you already registered for it, you should deregister from a course, to prevent problems regarding the registration in the following semester.

    MARVIN only admits exactly as many course registrations per module as are to be passed in this module in accordance with the examination regulations, regardless of whether you have actually attended a course or not, or whether you would like to attend another course or repeat an attendance of the course. 

  • Which deadlines do I need to consider for the course registration?

    All deadlines for course registration can be found on this page above the FAQ.
  • What happens, if I missed the registration deadline for a course?

    Unfortunately, registration is foreclosed after the expiration of the deadline.

    If the lecturer agrees, you can still attend the course.

    Course registration is independent of exam registration. If you are not registered for a course, you can still register for examination and/or mandatory test performance during the valid deadlines. 

    You can also enter the corresponding ILIAS-course, as far as you know the password. Of course, this only applies if the course registration is actually denied based solely on the elapsed deadline.

  • What can I do if I cannot register for a course?

    If you cannot register for a course, please check the following:

    A) Is the deadline for the course registration still running?

    All deadlines for course registrations can be found on this page above the FAQ.

    If you missed a deadline, a course registration is not possible anymore.

    Further information can be found here in the FAQ “What happens, if I missed the registration deadline for a course?”

    B) Are you allowed to attend the module to which the course is assigned?

    For students of the M.A. International Criminal Justice:

    Please check, if the module appears in the module list of the examination regulations and if it is possible for you to attend the course.

    If it is an import module, please check whether you can sign up for it. A corresponding list can be found in attachment 3 of the examination regulations.

    C) If you are permitted to attend the module, but cannot do so for other than the above mentioned reasons, please contact the iCM-coordinator of the study programme, who provides the course. For the M.A. “International Criminal Justice” please contact .

    Be sure to specify:

    -          Description of the problem; with screenshot

    -          Your matriculation number

    -          Course number and title of the module in which you want to attempt the course

  • May I attend courses that are not designated according to the examination regulations?

    Courses that are not provided in modules that are available for you according to the valid examination regulations cannot be contributed to your curriculum and participation will neither be certified nor shown on your Transcript of Records.

    Generally, you cannot register via MARVIN for courses that you are not required or allowed to take for your curriculum. However, if the lecturer agrees with your attendance you can attend the course without obligation.


If you cannot attend an examination for health reasons or submit a paper by the due date, send a doctor’s certificate to the examinator, that attests your incapacity for work.

Please note: If you withdraw from the first examination attempt/date by the use of a doctor’s certificate, you will be credited with the attempt (notation in MARVIN: ATT = Doctor’s certificate).

HOWEVER: You are not automatically registered for the second examination attempt/date. You must register within the stated deadlines. If you cannot attend the second attempt either, you need to send an attest for your incapacity for work once again to prevent the registration of a failed attempt.


Information surrounding the mandatory internship in the master “International Criminal Justice” can be found in the examination regulations under attachment 6 “internship regulations “.

If you have any further questions regarding your internship, please contact Ms. Linn-Sophie Löber at .


As a student of the master “International Criminal Justice” you are able to apply for ERASMUS spots of department 01, department 03 and department 06. Therefore the ERASMUS coordinator of the corresponding department is responsible for administrative tasks. You can find the respective contact details under the links below:

Auslandsstudienberatung FB01
Auslandsstudienberatung FB03
Auslandsstudienberatung FB06

To coordinate the content of the Learning Agreement, please contact Ms Linn-Sophie Löber under .


You are about to complete your studies – congratulations! Here you can find important information concerning your master’s thesis.