Examination management with Marvin - what to expect?

Last update: May 31st, 2021 (The original German version is available here.)

From the end of May, 2021, onwards, Marvin is the Philipps-Universität Marburg's system for the examination management. An exception are the state examination programs in Medicine and Dentistry, for which the implementation of the examination management with Marvin follow at a later point in time. The information and remarks listed below therefore does not yet affect these state examination programs.

As the examination administration has moved to Marvin, all phases of the student life cycle are now mapped in Marvin - from the application process, to the functionalities required while studying in Marburg, to the issuing of final certificates. Those who subsequently pursue a doctorate in Marburg will also be supported by Marvin in the respective administrative processes.

With the relocation of the examination administration, students, lecturers and administrative staff will find all information on courses and examinations in the same system:

  • Using the Planner of studies with Module plan, students can now see, for example, which exams and courses belong to which module of their examination regulations or which of these are offered in the current semester, and they can register for courses and exams during the respective registration periods.
  • Lecturers can access both the courses and exams to which they are assigned via My exams/events.
  • Administrative staff, depending on their role(s) in Marvin, also have access to both the courses and exams in their organizational unit in the same system.

Below you can find some information concerning changes (regarding verification of prerequsistes, TAN-lists, attendance requirements, relocation of enrollments for courses) that were made in the course of the transfer of the examination management as well as remarks on (new) functionalities for students and examiners / examiner representatives and answers to typical questions regarding the examination management with Marvin (including questions on registration for/deregistration from exams).

Videos concerning Marvin are also available on YouTube: https://bit.ly/2Io0Fry

Changes that where made while moving the examination management to Marvin

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  • Inhalt ausklappen Inhalt einklappen What changes in the verification of prerequisites when registering for courses and exams?What changes in the verification of prerequisites when registering for courses and exams?

    If the examination regulations stipulate prerequisites for the attendance of modules, e.g. that students may only take module B if they have already completed certain achievements A, the fulfillment of these prerequisites is checked by Marvin.

    This means that students can only register for courses or study/examination achievements in module B if the assessments of achievements A have been entered in the system.
    If prerequisites are not fulfilled, but participation in the lecture or exam has been allowed by way of exception (e.g. by a corresponding decision of the examination board (Prüfungsausschuss)), please contact your examination office regarding registration. Lecturers, examiners or administrative staff in the institutes cannot carry out the registration in these cases.

    In addition to this "hard" prerequisite verification, some departments also use a somewhat less strict form, so-called "soft" prerequisites, for some degree programs or selected exams: Here, students can register, but admission is conditional ("unter Vorbehalt").
    As long as the condition is not met, i.e. the missing achievement is not entered in the system, the students concerned appear neither on the participation list nor in the lists for recording grades. However, examiners and examiner representatives can see in the display of examinations under My courses and examinations whether there are any students admitted "unter Vorbehalt", and if so, how many: This number is indicated in brackets after the number of admissions.

  • Inhalt ausklappen Inhalt einklappen What is changing regarding the 2-factor authentication (TAN-lists)?What is changing regarding the 2-factor authentication (TAN-lists)?

    In Marvin, too, a 2nd factor (TAN) is required for exam registration and deregistration as well as for grade entry.
    With the transfer of the exam management to Marvin, a new procedure for the so-called two-factor authentication will be introduced.

    If you already have a TAN list from QIS, you can continue to use it in Marvin. Students in their first semester and students without a TAN were sent a TAN list by mail in May, 2021. 

    There is a self-service portal that you can use to create and manage new TAN lists or even smartphone tokens yourself. To log in, you already need a functional token (e.g. TAN list): https://argus.hrz.uni-marburg.de (only accessible from inside the university's network or via VPN).

    From now on, all questions regarding TAN lists are no longer the responsibility of the examination offices of the departments, but of the IT-Service Desk at the University Computer Center.
    If you do not have a TAN list (anymore), you can apply for a new token via an online form. The corresponding forms, as well as all further information and FAQ on two-factor authentication can be found under this link: https://www.uni-marburg.de/en/hrz/services/2fa

  • Inhalt ausklappen Inhalt einklappen What is changing regarding the documentation of attendance requirements? What should lecturers and course administrators keep in mind?What is changing regarding the documentation of attendance requirements? What should lecturers and course administrators keep in mind?

    For some courses, the examination regulations stipulate attendance requirements. With the introduction of Marvin, the technical implementation of the attendance requirements specified in the examination regulations will be changed. Up to now, in the old system (POS) attendance requirements resembled study achievements („pseudo examens“) and were set to „passed“ by the examiners, the administrative staff with QIS access or by the examination office staff. Attendances already confirmed in QIS before the downtime are transferred to Marvin.

    As of the summer semester 2021, the corresponding course elements are marked as „compulsory“ („Pflicht“) in Marvin. The lecturers or their examiner representatives (role in Marvin „Prüfer-Vertreter/in“) will then set these mandatory courses to passed („bestanden“) or failed („nicht bestanden“) in order to record successful or unsuccessful attendances. As was the case in POS, modules containing compulsory courses are only counted as passed („bestanden“) after confirmation of the attendance(s) taken.
    It will also be possible for the examination office staff to enter the confirmation of the attendance obligation(s).

    Further information for lecturers, course administrators and examiner representatives (role in Marvin „Prüfer-Vertreter/in“)

    • Lecturers can only confirm the attendance if they are the instructor („durchführende/r Dozent/in“) of the course.
    • If the attendance is to be confirmed by somebody else, this person must be linked in Marvin to the lecturer as a examiner representative.
    • When entering the respective status of attendance for a course, the entry must be validated with a TAN - i.e., the lecturer or his/her examiner representative must have a valid TAN-list or another valid token (see also the entry What is changing regarding the 2-factor authentication (TAN-lists)? above).
    • Instructions for lecturers and examiner representatives on how to enter the status of attendance are available in German in the ILIAS group Marvin-Anleitungen (see entry Where can I get further information?). 

      Teachers and examiner representatives can use the same TAN list to enter attendance data as is used to enter exam results. If you do not have a TAN list, e.g. because you teach without taking exams at the same time, please contact the HRZ using the corresponding online form on the https://www.uni-marburg.de/2fa page.
  • Inhalt ausklappen Inhalt einklappen Help, in the Help, in the the courses I attended are no longer where they were before the downtime

    This is meant to be like this and is not a problem - the courses you have taken up to the summer semester 2021 have only been relocated to another place, namely the so-called globales Überlaufkonto (gÜK, sometimes also referred to as glÜK). You can find it in the Planner of studies with Module plan at the very bottom below the hierarchy tree of the selected course of studies. If you go to My Studies > Enrollments, you will also see that the courses are still all there. The relocation has no effect on the attempt count, i.e. it still makes sense to withdraw from courses you have not attended at all - no matter where they are located.
    Courses you take after May 2021 will again appear in the hierarchy tree of your course of studies as was the case before.

    The reason for relocating the attended courses to the gÜK is that during the transfer of the examination management data, the achievements (examinations, course achievements) had "priority" over the bookings of courses for legal reasons. In order to avoid problems if someone had accidentally taken a course in a different module than he/she had taken the exam, the previous course assignments were moved to the gÜk.

(New) functionalities for students and examiners / examiners representatives

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Typical questions concerning examination management with Marvin

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  • Inhalt ausklappen Inhalt einklappen Where can I get further information?Where can I get further information?

    Many questions are answered in our general Marvin FAQ (in German only). Additional content regarding the examination management in Marvin will be added by and by.

    For any subject-related questions, students should first contact the programme advisor for their department/course of study
    Many questions concerning Marvin at the different departments can also be answered by the coordinators for Marvin at the departments.  

    You can find instructions in German for examiners and examiner representatives in the ILIAS group Marvin-Anleitungen. In the beginning of June, 2021, content for students will be added.
    Members of Philipps-Universität can join the ILIAS group directly (and withdraw from it) whenever they want. 

    On the YouTube-Channel of Philipps-Universität Marburg, in the playlist Marvin-Tutorials, you can find already find several video tutorials, e.g. providing general information on the Planner of studies with Module plan, showing how to register for courses, or on the study service functionalities. In June 2021, videos regarding examination management with Marvin will be added:
    Subtitles in English: Subtitles in English can be displayed for German-language videos: Einstellungen > Untertitel > Deutsch (automatisch erzeugt) > click again on Untertitel > > Automatisch übersetzen > select English.

    The technical support team for Marvin can be contacted via e-mail:.