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Instructions TAN Token Marvin

In Marvin, exam registration is secured via two-factor authentication and takes place via the central 2FA service. This only affects the students and examiners of the departments that already use the exam registration in Marvin.
Attention: This does not yet apply to students of the state examination programs of FB20, for whom the exam registration still runs via QIS.

Previous TAN lists (also: TAN tokens) from Marvin and QIS can still be used, but only the valid TANs on this list.

First semester students will receive their first TAN token by email upon enrollment.

Authentication during exam registration in Marvin

The main use for the TAN token is to register for exams. This is done via the "Study planner with module plan" which you will find in the "My studies" area if you are logged in as a "Student". Select the desired exam in the structure tree - a registration window will open.

A window opens asking you to enter a one-time password. This can be an unused TAN from your TAN token or, in the case of the app token, the TAN currently displayed.

If you have entered an incorrect or invalid one-time password, the error message shown opposite will appear.

If the entry was successful, you will be returned to the check, which has now allowed the status.

Create a TAN token

Log in to the Argus authentication portal (VPN required) with your student account. As password enter your user password (!), directly followed by a valid one-time password of your TAN token or another token.
Successfully used one-time passwords should be deleted.

When you are logged in, you will see an overview of your active tokens (TAN tokens or app tokens).
For a new TAN token, click Enroll Token on the left side.

The "TAN token" option is selected by default, so you can click the Enroll Token button directly.

In the following view you have the possibility to display and print your TAN token.
Important! Be sure to save or print your TAN token in this step, as it can no longer be displayed afterwards.
From there, you can return to the overview via All tokens or log out at the top right.
Note: If you encounter problems when printing the TAN list, for example, the window opens but closes again immediately, we would advise you to use the Firefox browser.
In addition, you will receive an email notification from that your TAN Token was enrolled. This email does not contain TAN tokens, but only a general confirmation.

New TAN tokens do not automatically deactivate an old list or other tokens; TANs that have not yet been used can still be used. Therefore, use up all TANs on the old list or block them before disposing of the old TAN token.

Locking a TAN token

You can only lock a TAN token or other token yourself if you can still log in to the Argus authentication portal (VPN required).
If this is not the case, please use the web form for reporting the current status of a token or please contact the IT-Servicedesk of the University Computer Center (HRZ).

Once you have logged in to the portal, click on the token you want to lock.

In the detail view you have two options for blocking:

  • Disable the token, this locks it only temporarily and you can also activate it again, e.g. when you have found the list again.
  • Revoke the token, this locks the token permanently and it also cannot be reactivated.

Help and support

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the IT-Servicedesk (Lahnberge).

Authentication via app

As an alternative to the TAN token, you can also configure the generation of one-time passwords using a smartphone app.
To do this, log in to Argus Authentication Portal (VPN required) and then click Enroll token.

Then select the method TOTP: Time-based one-time password.
At Description you can enter a meaningful description (device name or similar).
Finally, click on Enroll token.

Please scan the QR code that appears with your Authenticator app. If the scan was successful, the account will appear in your app and the current one-time password will be displayed.
You can return to the overview via All tokens or you can log out at the top right.